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(L) The ride from the hotel to the contest site was fun! (R) Michael Bairefoot leads off with some very fine dove work.

Candles from nowhere...

(L) Emcee Owen Anderson calling the meeting to order. (R) With Fabien Letourneau, a serious character change is about to happen. (See below)

(L) Fabien after the change! (R) A '60s flashback.

(L) Owen killing some time between acts (R) Neil Croswell can do more than close-up.

Neil interacting with the audience.

Daniel Coutu performed a very nice billiard ball sequence.

(L) Kids have fun too. (R) Nathaniel Rankin getting ready for his "flight."

A very cool themed act.

(L) Danny Alan hypnotizing his dove. (R) "Nothing up my sleeves..."

That's a parakeet walking up the ladder. It later vanished, only to be found inside an egg that was inside..., that was inside.... wow!

(L) Guess what's in the bag.. (R) After the contest we were treated to a show full of illusions and magic. Gerry Frenette seems to enjoys tying up his co-worker, Leonora.

(L) "Isn't that MY jacket on Leonora??" (R) A brave helper puts his neck on the line.

Gerry compresses Leonora down to nothing.

(L) Working with a committee from the audience (R) Cut in half, Leonora travels all the way around, under and back to the top!

Finishing with a costume change - she's O.K. Thanks go out to the Frenettes for a great show.

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