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(L) Hank Moorehouse does a great job as Emcee. Aldo Colombini was supposed to Emcee the show, but he had called in sick. (R) Jason Latimer opened the show with a fantastic stage.

Not your usual card production routine.

Where did those giant rings come from???

Master juggler Nels Cremean struts his stuff.

(L) Is this a microphone or a bowling pin? (R) Nels can do it all.

These shots captured moments too cool not to show.

Two at once!

This looks dangerous!

(L) Success! (R) Hank entertains between acts.

Rocco really charmed the audience both with his magic and his personality.

(L) Check the expression on the boy's face. (R) A DNA sample will mutate into something else.

Rocco is the master of the elements.

Jorgos Katsaros had a very unusual act. The lenses focused light, lighting candles and starting a fire!

Rings appeared and changed size.

(L) Jorgos can change size too! (R) Murray Hatfield and Teresa closed the show with a fine act.

Murray and Teresa performed some excellent illusions.

(L) A classic (R) Having fun with a spectator.

(L) Teresa will escape from the bag. (R) The finale.

(L) She's really in there (R) Creating a bit of mystery.

How does she get out?? Also, congratulations go out to Murray for being this year's Canadian Magician of the year!

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