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(L) Romaine expertly Emcees the close-up show (R) First at bat was Jay Sankey.

(L) Jay is either going to bend a spoon or cause a ring to penetrate. (R) Jay makes his hands disappear.

Martin Nash shows why he is considered to be among the top gambling experts in the world.

Michel and Yannick as the "human deck of cards"

(L) A perfect faro (R) Two beautiful assistants "pick" cards.

(L) "Is this your card??" (R) Rocco warming up with a few Karate moves.

(L) Rocco with one of his MANY productions (R) Shoot Ogawa strikes the pose.

(L) Shoot can do more than cards and coins (R) Love at first sight.

Jason Latimer closes the show with his famous cups and balls using clear glasses - killer!

"I told you there was nothing in my hand!"

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