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Daniel Coutu performed a very unusual act - as you can see.

Barney Bedard dries the ink on the card before blowing the spectator's mind.

Patrick Drake with some cards and coins. Nice work!

Mark Baluk checks the date on the coin before handing it to his helper.

Ben Proudfoot did some nice card items and finished with the classic - cups and balls.

Michael Bairefoot's high energy style was captivating.

Ron vanSomeran was unique in the group with a well sequenced gambling routine.

Alan Grose finished with a very cool bullet catch a la John Carney.

Steve Duperre kept going back further into the past until the deck was back in a sealed box. The notepad was also!

(L) Steve shares a moment of humor. (R) Neil Croswell can also be funny.

Neil also does some very nice card work.

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