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(L) Hopeful contestants Steve Duperre and his girl friend on left with Michael Bairefoot on the right (R) Hungry attendees wait for a fine meal.

(L) Rocco strikes the pose with a magician from Quebec (R) We were treated to a before dinner comedy show by Glenn Ottaway.

(L) Glenn working the crowd (R) An appreciative crowd.

(L) A Carnak type routine a la Johnny Carson - note Ed M on the right.. (R) Joan Caesar gave out the awards for the close-up and stage contest as well as the award for CAM Magician of the Year.

(L) Michael Bairefoot receiving his award (R) 

(L)  (R) Close up contestants await the verdict.

(L) Patrick Drake and Michael Bairefoot tied for first (R) Ben Proudfoot is "proud" to receive the second place award.

(L) Patrick and Joan strike the pose. (R) Mike Segal receives the Sid Lorraine Lifetime Achievement Award for his 25 years in magic and for his excellent work on the Sorcerer's Safari magic camp.

(L) Martin Nash waits to be introduced. (R) Martin receiving a ....

(L) Martin and his fiancÚ pose with Joan. (R) Joan awards Canadian Magician of the Year award to Murray Hatfield.

Murray and Teresa accepting the Magician of the Year award.

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