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Gene Anderson (left) shows his dark side as Jim is "surprised."

Garnack rides for the last time (left). Herb Zarrow (right), "I hope these flowers make up for the thousands of hours I spent perfecting that shuffle."

Guest of honor Herb Zarrow checks his stack.

The old version of Oscar Munoz (left). David Stone (right) throws his deck to the wind.

Master of the elements Rocco unloading his sleeves. Where did that glass of wine come from?

Mago Migue shaking his bootie (left). Migue is restrained by Lee and Scott for his own protection.

Eric DeCamps, "I know that little pea is here somewhere.." Steve Bargatze putting the moves on Rachel as Tom looks on.

Never let Bargatze get you on stage

"You'd better tie me up or who knows what I might do..."

Two classics (Jay Marshall - left and Billy McComb - right) performing  classics.

Camillo (from Spain) counts his money.

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