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I narrowed the field of photos from 2001 down to about 125 shots. They are organized chronologically into groups of about 25 shots per page. I can't find the notes I took, so there is no commentary. Sorry for taking so long in getting these shots up. Better late than never. The file size on these photos is averaging around 15K so each shot will take about 2.5 sec to load using a 56K modem. If you're lucky, you've got a cable modem and they will load with blinding speed.

Left - The Photographers (Mike Powers, Dale Farris, Tony Gerard) are about to hit the road. Right - socializing before the lecture.

Left - Obie kicks things off. Right - Sueanne and Tim Ellis in the middle of their act.

More Obie. Right - Earle Oaks shows the possibilities of Origami.

Incredible figures.

Right - The Paul Critelli paper airplane project.

Roger Klause to Scott Wells - "Did I tell you to shuffle?"

Left -Paul Cummins a.k.a. "Mr. Smooth" wows the crowd.  Right - Pat Page tells a joke.

Karl Normal (left) "Just THINK of ANY card." Marc DeSouza (right) gets ready to rock.

Randy Wakeman (left) and his invisible deck. Obie (right) is beginning to enjoy himself.

Billy Mc"Om" gets into a Zen type meditative state.

Tom Gagnon (right) has used some sort of spread control to control Roger's mind.

Mike Hilberger (left) tells a really lame joke.  Harry Franke demos his very cool money making machines.

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