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Left -"Hey, you in the front. Shut up." Right Geno Munari,  "Yes honey, I am behaving myself."

Howie executes his classic pass on Maria. Right Marc Decoux with Jay Marshall.

Sueanne  "Is that your bill in the lemon?"

Left Ace Greenberg with coins. Right - Bob Escher also gets ready for coin magic.

Left Robin Dawes. Right - Jep Hostetler's got the coins cooking.

Gene and Roger try to follow the coin. Is it under the salt or the pepper? Right - Rafael Benatar and MIKI.

Left - Roland Meister making a card rise. Right - Peter Tappan gets his free cola just before the can magically restores and refills itself.

Ali Bongo (left) has very colorful routine. Harry Monti (right) doing shadow figures.

Left Duc Nhien prepares some of his hard core stuff. Right -Piet Forton showing the pop out move.

Jay Scott Berry (left) performs a colorful routine. Jim Swain (right) doing seconds, centers and bottoms as Roger and Bill watch (check the hair).

Carl Cloutier (left) searching his brain for the English words for "It's not in my sleeve." Jamy Swiss (right) caught in the middle of a French Drop. 

Boris Wild (left) impresses Sueanne. Obie (right) having trouble with crowd control.

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