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Sueanne is amazed. Dave Wiedemer secretly removes his thumb tip.

Allan Kronzek "Say ahhhh....."  Obie - "Ahhhh......"

Informal discussions after the lecture.

Randy DiMarco and Kevin King pose. Right - Kevin and Paul Cummins in the Precursor suite.

Phil Willmarth, Bob Farmer and Pat Page.

Left - Billy McComb. Right - Roy Cottee.

Left - Ali Bongo wows Sueanne and Tim Ellis. Right - Howie Schwarzman receives a phone call from Ed Marlo.

Charles Meyer, "I swear I had a five in here." Right - " Malone and the boys in the bar."

Left - Prankster Steve Beam gets ready to roast Herb Zarrow.

The roast is in full swing. Right Dan Garrett, "It really is this big, Obie."

Left Tim Trono ditching the dirty work in his pocket. Right - Evert Chapman giving some spare change to a destitute magician.

Jose - It takes balls of steel to perform in front of that crowd.

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