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David Stone looks at himself in a mirror. Carl Cloutier (right) getting loaded up for the show.

Informal sessions in the lobby.

Phil Willmarth M.C.'s as Camille Ghastine satisifies his hunger for a good card trick.

Harvey Berg (left) catching up on some reading as Robert Allen (right) shares a moment with Howie.

Card tricks anyone?

Garrett Thomas (left), "The fingers never leave the hand.. except for this one." Andy Quinn (right) tried impressing Maria with his evil puppet friend.

Ray Roch interrogates Howie (left). Dick Steiner (right) teaches a spelling lesson.

Adam (left) executes a secret move as Ken Kurita (right) impresses Pat Page.

Wild man Bruce Barnett completely looses control.

Adam Spigel (left), "With this ring I thee wed." It got fairly wild as Mike Bairefoot's strip poker routine went haywire.

"Nothing in my sleeves and not much here either."

Obie can't believe his eyes.

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