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Jubilee 2002 Page 3

(L) Convention organizer Steve Zuehlke getting the show started.  (R) Close up contest winners receive their awards. Above Charles E. Hughes gets 3rd place. (Excellent for a junior who had to compete in the senior contest!)

(L) Maria Schwieter won 2nd place  (R) First place winner, John Born. 

(L) More awards. (R) I believe this is Michael Barron, IBM International Junior Contest winner.

(L) One of the many characters played by the versitile Gaetan Bloom. Extremely funny and very magical. (R) M.C. Mike Finney jokes with Gaeton - any he doesn't even speak French.

Always a crowd pleaser - Mr. Mysto (played by John Carney). This act is difficult to describe in words. You must see it.

(L) Mr. Mysto cooking up a trick. (R) Danny Cole performing his very colorful act.

Is this Dan Lornitis snacking on - what?? He needs to be controlled.

Mike Finney is at the top of his craft. He had to deal with a number of snafus but his ability to create comedy spontaneously is fabulous. What an entertainer.

Classic Finney - perfect timing on a difficult trick to do well.

Illusionist Terry Richison closed the show.

(L) Looks like metamorphosis to me. (R) John Carney's lecture was more about how to construct routines and think about magic. It was subtle stuff but far more valuable than a pile of new tricks. His thinking on the stack of quarters through hand is excellent. See this guy if you have a chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has entered the room. Magic took a back seat to music for awhile at the big party. This guy needs to learn the "less is more" lesson.

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