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Jubilee 2002 Page 2

(L) Rachel and Tom charming the crowd. (R) Luigi about to bite the hand that feeds him - Dana Daniels.

(L) Luigi isn't going to peek.  (R) The rabbit who stole the show. This was one of the most talked about bits of the entire convention.

Funny man Bruce Block with his Rabi in the Hat routine... LOL...

(L) The finale of Bruce's act. The Villiage People showed up  (R) The "DEAN" himself doing the classic "LEFTY." It never ceases to charm the crowd.

(L) Tom Burgoon - yep it's toilet paper.  (R) Alfonso get's hit butt rubbed again.

Kevin James is always great. This show was no exception.

(L) The REAL snowstorm. (R) Magazine mogul Tony Miller (Channel 1) tries to get a contribution from Howie. (Go to www.rfaproductions.com to subscribe.)

Everyone must perform at the big party. Elvis even showed up on the last night.

(L) Don England talking to 2nd place close up winner Maria Schwieter.  (R) Strike the pose!

(L) Looks like Harold's classic pass is better than Howie's. (R) Card expert Jimmy "Cards" Molinari about to deal at the speed of light.

(L) Diamond Jim getting cranked up in the close up show. (R) Annie Miller-Rings assists.

(L) Michael Eaton, "Hold the thunderous applause. There's more." (R) Danny Fleshman is about to find someone's ring in his keychain, I'll bet."

(L) Wildman Gaetan Bloom gave a fabulous lecture. Excellent ideas.  (R) Michael Eaton's lecture was also excellent.

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