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Jubilee 2002 Page 1

(L) Photographer Mona Santow is caught by the tricky cam. (R) Diamond Jim Tyler bums some money from an attendee.

(L) Coin session in progress. (R) Steve Draun selling his fabulous wares.

(L) Diamond Jim in the dealers' room. (R) Todd Lamanske hawking his wares.

(L) Rachel is now banned from the dealers' room for attracting the largest crowd. (R) Joe and Mark Stevens in high gear.

(L) The balloon guy is always popular. (R) A.J. teaching the "chant" - who still remembers? "They're here. They're live. They're on the inside..."

(L) Master magician Steve Draun demonstrating his card handling skills. (R) Steve has a great version of the Vernon ring routine.

Howie Schwartzman charms the group. He's still got it!

Todd Lamanske had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Great show.

(L) John Mendoza performing some of his trademark stuff. (R) Jay Marshall looks on.

(L) Sugar Daddy with Cherie Kay (R) Get in close on Fleshman. What's he trying to do?

(L) Mike Powers and Dan Fleshman (R) Jimmy "Cards" Molinari and Steve Draun.

(L) Tom Burgoon Emcee's the evening show. (R) Sean Bogunia kicking butt with his incredible Dancing Hank Routine. Go to www.dancinghank.com to see it.

(L) Sean makes it dance and sing. (R) Rachel and Tom turn their backs on the crowd.

[Jubilee 2002 Page 1]

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