Garrett Thomas, Dan Fleshman, Danny Tong, Daryl

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(L) Garrett explains the details of his famous ring trick. (R) The symbolism of the red balloon... it got deep...

(L) "... so small that you can't see it any more...."  (R) How does that big coin come out of that little purse... you'll have to go to Garrett's lecture to find out.

(L) Jim Turnpaugh kicks off the volunteer show  (R) Chad Smith with Daryl ("Get your butt up here Daryl" - LOL)

(L) Tom Mosier performs an excellent routine with coins. (R) George Tait performed an excellent metal bending routine.

(L) Ron Hoole performs McDonald's Aces a la Erndase.  (R) MC Gordon Miller regains control as the crowd gets wild.

(L) Al Munro performs the egg bag for professional spectator, Harriet Jacobson. (R) The rubber duckies stayed home. This year it was the plumber's friend.

(L) It takes a warped Marv Long mind to create a "chop" plunger. Very creative thinking in an excellent routine. (R) "All right?"  "S'all right!"

(L) Daryl performs one of his early creations, the cross of India. (R) "Hey, where is everybody??"

(L) Danny Tong performs a torn and restored. Very nice. (R) Dan Fleshman with cards and coins.

(L) The traditional raffle run by Gordon Miller. (R) Danny gets patriotic.

(L) "The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides..." (R) "Shazam... you are all hypnotized."

(L) Garrett wraps up his portion of the last show. (R) "I still have more snake oil.. last chance..."

(L) What a nice display!  (R) Daryl shows why he is known as the master of the ropes.

(L) Craig Chamberlain gives Daryl a helping hand.

© 2003 Mike Powers Magic