Garrett Thomas, Dan Fleshman, Danny Tong, Daryl

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(L) Magazine mogul Tony Miller contemplates the next issue of Channel One magazine. (R) Cigar mogul John Rogers makes a deal.

Everyone is getting excited. The show is about to begin.

(L) Garrett Thomas checks his props before the show as Dan Fleshman looks on. (R) Dan Fleshman impresses professional spectator Harriet with his rope from ear trick.

(L) Convention organizer John Luka shares a joke with the crowd. (R) Dan Fleshman shows us the clean hand.

(L) Danny performing one of his favorites - the close up linking rings. (R) Garrett Thomas gets a lot of mileage from an old standard.

(L) Garrett's work on the Rubik's Cube is amazing. It looks like the real deal. (R) "It's getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller......

(L) Garrett performs one of his favorites for Denise Polizzi, his "Stand Up Monte" routine. (R) Danny Tong impresses John Luka's wife Sherry - and that's not easy to do.

(L) Danny warms up the crowd with his southern hospitality. (R) Dan gets the cards cooking.

(L) Daryl gives himself a standing ovataion. (R) "Pick a card... yea that's the ticket... would you like to buy some snake oil??"

(L) Flashy stuff from Daryl. (R) Daryl performs his version of 3 Fly. Very nice!

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