Garrett Thomas, Dan Fleshman, Danny Tong, Daryl

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An unexpected bonus performer - Jim Cellini shows one of his master's creations - Slydini's coins through the table. Way cool...

Jim also performed his legendary linking ring routine. Poetry in motion...

(L) Todd Ziegler strikes the pose. In the background Tom Gaddis hustles my wife while his fiancÚ isn't looking. (R) Jim Cellini and his wife Marianne with Kevin Williams.

(L) Tom Gaddis getting ideas for Bauer's "Chick Trick." (R) Tom shows Daryl a new move.

(L) Russ Niedzwiecki strikes the pose. In the background Dr. Gerry Costello moves in on the magic ladies. (R) The crowd is pleased after one of the lectures.

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