Paul Wilson and Carl Cloutier

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(L) Hank is entertaining bids in the ever popular auction. (R) Jim Snapp continues to amaze.

(L) Master cigar maker, John Rodgers, uses eye contact for misdirection. (R) John Luka in the middle of a multiple selection.

(L) Tom is back with more cool magic (R) Paul Wilson sizes up the crowd.

(L) Paul's lecture and his performances were outstanding. Here he explains the intricacies of a card routine. (R) Carl Cloutier shows his artistic abilities.

(L) "Are you sure you want to use THIS page??" (R) Roger Rabbit and his very life like Hank Moorehouse doll.

(L) Fooled again! (R) Paul uses giant coins for easy visibility as he explains a coin routine.

(L) It's hard to believe that all that stuff can fit in one sleeve. (R) "Is that your signed card inside this sealed can??" Yipes!

(L) A happy spectator (R) Hank bidding on his own stuff.

(L) A "Sam the Bellhop" type routine using beer. Nice... (R) John Luka "seems" to mix the cards.

(L) John Rodgers trying to hit the Faro (R) Rick Merrill teaches a new dance step.

(L) Watch out for this guy. I've got my money on him. (R) John West getting ready to roll his sleeves up.

(L) Will the cards assemble again? (R) Take ANY card especially THAT one.

(L) I know it's here somewhere... (R) Paul gives a pair of sox to each of his spectators.

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