Paul Wilson and Carl Cloutier

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(1) Emcee Gordon Miller thumb wrestles himself (R) The crowd gets ready for the big contest.

(L) Hank Moorehouse warms up the group for the contest. (R) Jody performs a very nice chop cup routine.

(L) Jim Maddex tries to remember what happens next in Williamson's Torn and Restored Transposition.

(L) Jim Turnpaugh gets ready for matrix using card coins. (R) Jim Klaytor does a nice aces to pockets routine.

(L) Rob Thompson gets ready for a coin routine. The routine got him into the money with second place in the contest. (R) Chuck King performs a bare handed coin assembly. When the hands were lifter there were only four !?

(L) The first of the three Costello entries, Lynn, charms the crowd. (R) Bill Crowe executes a Triumph shuffle.

(L) Jim Snapp, sans Algebra book, performs a nice transposition effect. (R) Magical philosopher John Hebert's routines are generally difficult to describe. This one was no exception.

(L) David Allen has a spectator count cards for the Zen's cards across. (R) John Smith (if that really is his name) uses color to create an excellent mystery.

(L) Joe Bennett goes for a psychic prediction instead of moving fizz bubbles. (R) The second of the Costello trio, Kelly, performs a very nice Monte routine.

(L) Contest winner Tom Craven unshuffling the deck and creating a deep mystery. (R) Third place winner Dr. Gerry Costello wows the crowd with a double impossible card location.

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