Saturday April 27, 2002

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11 A.M. Paul Cummins Lecture

The early risers were treated to an excellent lecture from Paul Cummins. Paul lectured from his new notes, FASDIU II. I bought a set the night before because I was worried they would sell out - and they did. I think Paul has printed a new batch. You can purchase them over the internet from Paul.

1:30 P.M. Henry Evans Lecture

FISM winner Henry Evans is from Buenos Aires. He got everyone's attention right away with a silk that visually vanishes from one hand and appears in his other hand (which is inside a sealed plastic bag! The 3 Card Monte routine also knocked everyone out. It's just impossibly clean and the method was diabolical.

Above Henry continues to amaze.

3:30 P.M. - 3rd Formal Show

Applause for plaque recipient Phil Wilmarth who plays a major role in making FFFF such a great convention.

Phil performed a routine using a card with his name. On right Garrett Thomas leads off the show by performing some incredibly visual magic. Rings were jumping from finger to finger. Giant coins were coming out of small purses. It was wild!


Charles McBurney (left) told a very funny story and performed a marked cards routine. Adam Spigel did a nice card routine which was reminiscent of Devilish Miracle.

Steve Duperre performed a cool sandwich routine ending with a card to wallet. On the right Jose Sousa executes a nice coins through table.

Trent Rapp (left) did a very nice coin production and finished with a bare handed Matrix. Doug McKenzie produced some coins magically. On the right he is putting a cigarette through Howie's sweater.

Ray Roch (left) did a nice three shell game routine and a folded card into a box made of cards.  On right Jeffrey Case performed a card to wallet and finished with a very nice Cups and Balls a la Vernon. He also did a funny imitation of Mike Ammar.

Ken Kurita (left) brought  an interesting electronic gadget - the "fingerprint detector." It was able to determine which card had been selected by finding a fingerprint. On the right Charles Zuis uses ESP to find three selections.

Woody Landers (left) always has something cool. He performed some very visual and colorful magic beginning with Roy Johnson's "Snap." On right Pablo Kusnetzoff (Argentina) used an ice bucket as a time machine. He also changed a thought of card into a $1 bill.

Trade show magician Dick Stoner performed a sponge ball routine using a net which ended up full of sponge balls. He ended all tied up. On the right is next year's guest of honor Meir Yedid.

8 P.M. 4th Formal Show

It is traditional for the guest of honor to be given some awards and tokens of appreciation. Max received a number of very beautiful items.

It is also traditional for the guest of honor to lead off the last show. Above Max wows the crowd with the impossible.

"Stop anywhere you like Roger... keep going if you wish. Just be sure you stop where you want to stop. Are you sure??  You can keep going... or you may stay with that card..." In the end Roger stopped on his own selection!

Boris Wild (left) performs his famous "Kiss" act. Wild man David Stone brings his own private nurse (one of the bartenders) into the show. It was fun to watch David work the crowd in the bar too.

(Left) David Stone wows Howie with his cardwork. On the right Gold Cups winner Oscar Munoz performs a beautiful linking ring routine to music.

Oscar finishes with a very creative billiard ball routine. On the right Mike McGivern has a card selected.

Mike takes a break from the magic to sing a little ditty about FFFF. The missing card ended up in the uke to a standing ovation. On the right Rocco deLights everyone with his unique brand of magic.

Rocco continues by producing a whistle for Obie, a razor for Marc DeSouza and a Gandolf doll for Howie among other things. On right Sean Farquhar performed a highly impossible ambitious card routine. Ultimately a signed card is found inside a new box of cards - in position! Yipes.

Left - Bob Farmer impresses Sean with his Bammo Whammo card 'O Jammo. On the right writer, performer and reviewer Jamy Ian Swiss performs an excellent coin routine. This is the one he performed on "The Art of Magic." Way cool...

Jamy also performed some excellent card items. On the right wild man Steve Bargatze begins a hilarious roast of Max. "There cannot be just one..."

Pandemonium ensues as Steve cranks up the heat. Max takes it all in stride.

Steve has fun with "cousin Obie" using a pellet gun.

Magic inventor and performer Bob Swadling created multiple visual changes and a visual torn and restored.

Coins kept appearing out of nowhere as Henry Evens performed his FISM act. Great stuff! Henry was also the winner of the 2002 MVP award.

Funny man Steve Beam closed the show with a very funny roast of Max.

The roasting continues...

Awards to Gene, Dan and Max.

More awards. Max (left) and Marv Leventhal (right).

Since Dan Garrett and Gene Anderson have retired the Garnack act, Steve decided to try his luck with Obie as Garnack.

Left - Steve concludes the final show in style. Right - Rachel, Tom and Maria close the bar Saturday night as the 2002 FFFF winds down.

Thanks again Obie for putting on another great one! BTW - Next year's guest of honor is Meir Yedid.

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