Thursday April 25, 2002

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11:00 A.M. Jupiter's Lecture

Jupiter from Hungary was very colorful and creative. The lecture was well received. The "Dutch Treat" lunch followed.

Obie calls the meeting to order with the infernal whistle. Meanwhile Howie and Maria strike the pose.

Teach a Trick

It's becoming standard to have a teach a trick session. Roger taught  a very cool control followed by  Jennings' TNT. This was some "heavy work" indeed. Prof. REM (right) used an origami theme with a "hanging chad" for the trap door card. He also showed how to get a golf ball into a baby food jar. 

Paul Cummins (left) taught some very interesting peeks which allowed him to get way, way ahead. On the right, Tomas Fraps created a strange exchange where a card switches with the case. Ultimately the card is in the case.
FFFF veteran Karl Norman performs his classic "think of a card" effect. Karl also showed another card to case concept.

Marc DeSouza (left) taught his version of the classic bill switch where a picture is drawn on the bill. No thumb tip is used. Craig Dickson (right) performed some impossible looking locations. It turned out that the entire deck had been corner shorted!

Wildman Bob Farmer (left) tried to explain what a "Bammo Invertilator" is. I'm still trying to figure out what a "Bammo Deck Whalloper" is. Howie Schwartzman (right) taught an add on move. I wish he would have taught his classic pass. If you've ever not seen it you'd know why.

Ali Bongo (left) used a folded paper as a coin switching device. He also did a bill penetration. Way cool. Obie (right) taught his version of "Charge It" using playing cards with various credit cards printed on the back.


The banner (left). Norm Beck and Bill Malone hustle Maria. Evidently Howie struck out.

Veteran's Show (Old Timers)

A serious "old timer", Mike Hilberger, brings the meeting to order. I didn't realize it but I am an "old timer" and had to lead off the show. I took the opportunity to reveal what it looks like from the "hot seat." (right)

Mike Powers "Look - I make Tiki Tiki. A little bit of woofle dust and voila - the cards are now invisible."

Keith Randolph (left) performed a nice cup and ball routine. Dave Wiederman (right) had Max select a card which kept flipping over.

Hilberger at it again.

Norm Beck (left) explained, using a poem, how he is his own grandpa. It's complicated but it's true - he is his own grandpa. (BTW - check out the excellent article on Norm in Magic magazine.) Vic Trabucco (right) showed why deuces are wild.

Denis St. Jean performed a very nice gambling routine where chips were placed in the deck at random places. In the end Obie (right) got his $20 back. Unfortunately it had turned into a Canadian bill - ouch.

Marv Leventhal (left) passed out some plastic toothpicks. Ultimately those who received them were not too happy. Marv also used the Adams Money Machine as a shredder. Cool idea. BTW - Marv designed the Max Maven button used above on the banner. Thanks Marv!

Gene Anderson (right), dressed as a priest, found some wisdom in an old nursery rhyme. A die box was the cupboard and "the cupboard was bare."

Al Munro (left) performed a nice torn and restored. Bob Davis (right) used the "Zelig" idea from Woody Allen's movie in an everywhere and nowhere routine.

Shigeo Futagawa (left) performed a really nice coin routine followed by a wild card routine with small paintings. Paintings on card go to a prediction. The prediction is an empty bottle? When the bottle is opened a scream is heard. The painting selected is called "Scream!" Obie (right) has another stack of plaques to pass out!

Max Maven Lecture 8:00 P.M.

The first of the many plaques were given out for outstanding service to FFFF. On the left Ed Eckle and Bill Miesel receive plaques for the great work they do with the Precursor.

On the right Max checks out Max before the lecture begins.

Left - the next plaque goes to Ron Zolweg. (Right) Max is putting the whammy on the mic stand which fell apart several times during the lecture.

Left - Max and Marc DeSouza. Right - Max and Roger Klause. Max's lecture was great. I've seen him lecture many times and he always puts something new together for each lecture. This time there were some very cool mathematical principles at work which allowed for a number of impossible occurrences. Max fielded some interesting questions too. Because something had gone wrong in one of the lecture items, someone asked what he does when this occurs during a real performance. It was fascinating to find out that Max doesn't really have contingency plans. He KNOWS he will be able to deal with whatever happens!

Norm and Bill struck out so Karl is taking his shot. Right - the front desk decorated for a magic convention.

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