Friday April 26, 2002

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Friday 11:00 A.M. Workshop

Meir Yedid hosts a workshop on a topic announced the previous year. This year's topic was "torn and restored." There were some excellent items with great solutions. John Mintz (right) performed and taught a version of the Leipzig torn and restored cigarette paper.

John Bannon (left) showed his "Shriek of the Mutilated." I've been meaning to use this item for years and now I am. Robert K. Miller (right) taught a nice torn and restored ticket effect.

Ali Bongo had an excellent torn and restored paper with a "sucker" ending. There are actually three restorations!

Bob Swadling (left) performs an extremely visual restoration. The pieces are tossed in the air and visually reassemble. Meir showed a video which he is releasing of Yves Doumergue performing a piece by piece face up restoration.  

Roy Cotee taught a very interesting cut and restored rope called "The Mystery of the Hindu Turban." Half of the "life line" represents the past. The other half the future... Marc DeSouza taught General Grant's method for the torn and restored paper. It too has a sucker ending where a wadded up piece falls to the floor. Ultimately it also is restored.

It was fitting to end with one of the masters of torn and restored, Gene Anderson. He explained the background and thinking on his torn and restored newspaper. This is THE ONE. 

The theme for next year's workshop is PENETRATION - solid through solid.

Mike Gallo Lecture 1:30 P.M.

Mike performed and taught some great items. He had a very cool $1 to two halves to four quarters. I didn't see the quarters coming. He also did a nice penetration through the box and into a glass. Very practical. (see below) 
There was an excellent ball and vase routine and a totally cool purse frame production (which is going into my repertoire). Mike also did some nice card work including an item from Lou's book, "The Underground Man." Mike ended with a dynamite Ramsay coin cylinder routine. This is one that I think I can learn. The soft palming involved in most such routines is very difficult. Any sound will give away what's going on. Mike has found a way to make the sound part of the routine!  

1st Formal Show 3:30 P.M.

M.C. Dan Garrett kicks off the first formal show on Friday afternoon. First up was Mike Seege (right) who performed a very nice aces and kings routine.

Evert Chapman (left) performed a coin routine with both transitions and transformations. I'm not sure I want to know what Dan Garrett is doing on the right...

Bob Escher (IBM president) performed a very visual jumbo torn and restored where pieces visually restored in the frame. He also did a nice Prof. Nightmare with a full restoration. Mark Zacharia (right) used a "draw the short straw" type theme for a Prof. Nightmare routine. Cool.

Roland Muster (left) from Switzerland was the "master tiler." He also used a nice earth, air, fire and water theme with a cup and ball routine. On right, business tycoon Ace Greenberg performed an interesting money routine reminiscent of the Victor 11 card trick.

The crowd looks on as David Odette recites the Jabberwocky while doing a Gypsy Thread routine.

Camile Ghastine (left) from Paris was the "mathemagician." Tony Weiland integrated Prof. Nightmare with a nice ring and string routine. (This was the 3rd Prof. Nightmare on the show!)

Bruce Trigg (left), a marathon runner, performed a Gypsy Thread with a surgery theme. Robert Neale (right) showed his origami skills by braiding a one dollar bill.

On left Robert Neale finishes the fold. Steve Shane (right) reads Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue" while performing a cool card trick.

Justin Style (left) did some very technical coin work and ended with a rendition of Kate and Edith using a full chorus (right).

Second Formal Show

Terry Guyatt (left) closed the afternoon show by performing a nice coin through hank and a cool right off stick routine. On right Bob Bengel kicked off the evening show with "Sleeve Aces" and finished with a nice bare handed Matrix routine.

Ali Bongo was hilarious with a comedy Prof. Nightmare, a nice color changing silks routine and a multi phase torn and restored paper. On right Harry Monti used masking tape for a thumb tie bit.

Rick Wilcox (left) did a very nice rope routine and ended with destroyed credit card being found in his wallet. Very nice! Alfredo Marchese used the traditional slates in a novel way.

Three time FISM winner Piet Forton (left) showed his fantastic memory by naming all the cards held by some spectators. Camillo (right) is also a FISM winner. He performed a very cool dice routine ending with a shot of whisky as a load.

From Brussles Belgium comes Duc Nien. Duc is a champion with Rubic's Cube. Above he performs his brand of "hard core magic" by shuffling a deck inside a latex glove inflated on top of his head!

Master card man Jimmy "Cards" Molinari did some beautiful riffle stacking. The speed was breathtaking.

Street magician Bebel from Paris defined the notion of "smooth" with cards. It was really fun to watch him perform for real people in the bar. Incredible!

Magic Christian is another FISM winner (3 times). He needs to be sure his liability insurance is paid up if he continues the card throwing. I think he drew blood on one or two spectators. He performed a paper tear and a knife through coat routine.

As usual the juggler stole the show. Nels Cremean wowed everyone with the Chinese yoyo.

On right Boris Wild (FISM winner from Paris) asks professional spectator (and magician) Maria for some help with a card trick.

Above, Boris concludes the trick and the show.

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