Buffalo NY October 16, 17, 18


Dan Block, Randy DiMarco and Joe Ryan have done it again. This year's 52 Convention was a tremendous success. Besides the informal shows there were lectures by Steve Dobson, Mike Powers, Bill Goodwin, Alfonso and Gazzo. The lectures were all very well received. Lots of cards, some coins and even the "bunnies" were taught in the lectures. Difficulty levels ran the gamut from self working to knuckle busting. The bonus lecture by Gazzo was fascinating. He told the story of his meeting Walter Scott and demonstrated some gambling moves and diabolical devices. He also taught some new 3 Card Monte moves. Excellent all around. Many saw the sunrise several days in a row as sessions and the Precurrsor suite provided a continuous flow of moves and routines.

If you'd like to see what happened, check out the approximately 100 photos on the next two pages. Each page has about 50 shots ranging from about 5K to 9K. The pages may take a couple of minutes to load on a slow connection.

I may have made some mistakes on names. Please notify me right away with any corrections. (mpowers@mallofmagic.com)

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