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(L) Ron Zolweg, Nick Trost and Bill Miesel share a moment in the bar. (R) Convention organizer Dan Block joins the group.

Wes James (center) stacks his deck for an "impromptu" trick. (R) Bill Goodwin, Nick Trost and Bill Miesel keep the bartender busy.

(L) misc.

Bill Goodwin (L) and Gary Plants (R) share joke at the bar. (R) Tom Frank and Alfonso strike the pose.

 Steve Dobson and Tom Frank check out Bill Goodwin's lecture notes.

(L) Bill Miesel slamming drink number 6. (R) Ron Zolweg contemplating the meaning of existence.

Steve Dobson is a real "worker." Dice, coins, sponge balls, cards - you name it - he does it.


(L) John Dorenbos busts a move for Alfonso. Not only is John  a great football player for the Bills but he's also a fantastic magician. I watched him kill a table of laypeople. He stole watches, loaded their pockets etc. He's HOT. (R) Dinner is served.

(L) A short break for food. (R) Alan Drew on left and one of the organizers, Joe Ryan, on right.

(L) Derek Finn shows Alfonso a move. (R) The "old timers" - Nick Trost, Bill Miesel and the legendary Lou Gallo (far right).

Vic Trabucco (L) introduced a new type of holdout at the convention. This is going to be a VERY HOT item. (Hint: It doesn't use the sleeves.) It comes with holdouts for both the left and right side as well as a video disk of instructions and ideas. I predict that this will be one of the hot items during the next year. (R) Convention organizer Dan Block showing off his skills.

(L) Steve Dobson and Paul Cummins check out Mike Gallo's incredible coin work. (R) the crowd rolls in to see Gallo perform.

(L) Mike G never runs out of material. (R) misc. (note: Lennert Green impersonator in the white shirt.)

Bill Malone KILLS a table of laypeople. Not only is Bill a great technician and performer, but he's an incredibly nice guy. Ya gotta love him... BILL   MA   LONE! BILL   MA    LONE!

(L) Dobson, Powers, Gazzo (No. 1) (R) True identities revealed.