Buffalo NY October 16, 17, 18

There are 60 shots, each between 5 and 9 K. They may take a few minutes to load on a slow connection.


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I came in a day early to see Steve Dobson's lecture. FANTASTIC! Everyone had a great time.

Lecture attendees Tom Gagnon and Jim Turnpaugh (left) and Alfonso (right) enjoy Steve's excellent thinking and work.

(L) Magician/Buffalo Bill's long snapper Jon Dorenbos attended Steve's lecture too. (R) Steve socializing with Vic Trabucco and Alfonso.

Gazzo MC'd the first show on Thursday. Great job Gaz!

Dave Oestreicher  gets the cards moving. "I make tiki-tiki..."

Canadian magicians Bruce Fricker and Ron Van Someren. "Go ahead - pull my finger..."

It was a full house this year. (L) the crowd enjoys the show. (R) Derek Finn is offered a card by Dave Kirkland. "Free selection eh?"

Wild man Tom Frank shows off his coin skills. (R) Tom performs Jack Merlin's ring routine with excellent patter. (Check the size of those rings!)

Derek picks up the pace with another fine card item.

Bill Malone and Mr. and Mrs. Zarrow look on as Paul Cummins (R) cranks out his legendary multiple selection routine.

10 cards selected - 10 different way cool revelations. Go Paul! (R) Dan Block gets a smile from Gazzo.

Jimmy C fires off more fine card items.

Bill Goodwin came all the way from California to lecture. His magic was awesome! Extremely direct and killer card and coin work.

Bill continues to impress.

Two "Mikes" - (L) Mike Robinsson and (R) yours truly Mike Powers. On right attendees are quick to pick up lecture notes.

(L) Gazzo's table - ready to go. (R) Gazzo performed his street act for the patrons in the restaurant. Needless to say it KILLED.

Gazzo is a dynamic and personable performer. The crowd reaction was strong and could be heard loud and clear in the bar.

Mike Gallo gets a reaction from Alfonso with none other than the old "ball and vase."

Mike gets the coins cooking to the delight of all present in an informal show.

Informal "shows" and sessions are another attraction to the 52 Convention. On the right, hired gun Alfonso adds his own touch to the show.

(L) Alfonso with the new Precurrsor (R) Bill Goodwin entertains with killer cards.

Misc. crowd shots. (L) Convention organizer Randy DiMarco (far right) looks on.

Alfonso lectured on Saturday. He's a real worker and shared not only excellent magic, but also excellent advice on performing. GREAT lecture.

(L) Yes it's the bunnies with a touch that makes the final load impeccably clean. (You'll have to see the lecture to find out how.) (R) Card expert Gary Plants helps.

(L) Gary continues to assist. (R) Vic Trabucco and Bob Davis offer to help.

(L) Bill Malone introduces an extra treat - Gazzo gave a lecture on Walter Scott (The phantom of the card table.) He explained how he discovered and met Walter and showed (and sold) some incredibly diabolical devices. He also showed some new moves on the Monte routine. This was an excellent addition to an already fine convention.

(L) Mike Robinson destroyed the room with an impossible prediction. (R) MC Bill Malone introduces the next performer.

(L) Steve Dobson does the "real work." (R) Don Camp combines story telling with magic to produce an excellent showpiece.

(L) Don finishes the routine. (R) Alfonso performs his version of the torn and restored cigarette paper. I have no idea.....

(L) Alfonso finishes the routine. (R) Mike Robinson followed Gazzo, providing more professional entertainment to an appreciative crowd in the restaurant.