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Hello, and welcome to The Card Corner. Below are the links to video demonstrations of the effects from The Card Corner. These are not professional performances, but rather simply show what the tricks from the magazine look like. The videos are for magicians who subscribe to the magazine.

The Card Corner is a monthly column found in The Linking Ring (TLR). IBM members receive the Linking Ring on a monthly basis and will be able to read the explanations (with illustrations by the great Tony Dunn!). Everyone is invited to view the videos. But if you find the effects appealing, you'll want to join the IBM and receive LR! You'll be a member of a professional organization and will receive the Linking Ring magazine on a monthly basis.

NEW!! TALKING CARDS - This is a new addition to the Card Corner. TALKING CARDS is a monthly video that gives me an opportunity to talk about anything I feel might be of interest to Card Corner readers. CLICK HERE-> TALKING CARDS VIDEOS

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NEW!! An INDEX to all Card Corner Columns compliments of Robin Dawes. My good friend Robin Dawes has created an Excel spreadsheet showing year, month, page, author and title for every Card Corner column since 2007.

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Introduction (1 min 45 sec)

September 2007 Odyssey II

October 2007

The Invisible Card

November 2007

Forty Two

December 2007

 Whispering Joker


January 2008


February 2008

Speaking of Jokers

March 2008


April 2008


May 2008

Colorful Mates

June 2008

CTP - Inspired by Pierce

July 2008 #1 Flash Paced Transpo
July 2008 #2 Transpo Visitor
August 2008 Andrew Loh's Cold Calling
September 2008 Tony Econ's Spades Trick
October 2008 The Mexican Assembly
November 2008 Mated Mis-Mate
December 2008 A Trist On Twost
January 2009 The Invisible Assembly
February 2009 21 Again
March 2009 BariaTRICK King
April-May 2009 Finders Keepers I&II  
June 2009 Another Interchange
July 2009 Earthly Sandwiches
August 2009 Ace XXXXX Aces
September 2009 Ace XXXXX Aces PLUS
October 2009

Breathalyzer Plus

November 2009 Off Key
December 2009 PC Surprise  
January 2010 Split Decision
February 2010 TC Open Prediction
March 2010 CardDrooperFours
April 2010 Automatic Prediction
May 2010 Too Many Cards
June 2010 The Detroit Drop
July 2010 The Expected Prediction  
August 2010 Divide and Conjure  
September 2010 Stacked Do As I Do  
October 2010 Magician VS Gambler  
November 2010 Unestimated Prediction  
December 2010 Mates  
January 2011 What's Yours is Mine  
February 2011 Joke's On Me  
March 2011 Stand Up Color Monte  
January 2014 Legend of the Scarne Effect
July 2014 Instant Bluff Aces
December 2014 Light Years Ahead  
February 2015 Ambitious Prologue  
February 2016 Horse of an Even Different Color  
March 2016 Three-Peat Deceit
April 2016 Yours Truly  
January 2017 Ahab's Goldfish  
March 2017 Royal Monte  
June 2017 E-Z Cards Across PDF  
December 2017 These Are Mine  
March 2018 Predication - Michael Kaminskas  
April 2018 Subliminal Persuasion - Terry Hedges  
April 2019 Card Whisperers 2  
June 2019 Overcast  
July 2019 Spy Kings  
August 2019 Parallex  
September 2019 The Rollover Count - Vinny Marini  
February 2020 Apex Aces Redux  
March 2020 2 Cubed = Eights
August 2020 Impossible Collectors Resurrected  
September 2020 schMOOZ!
October 2020 Possibilities  
November 2020 P4 Revisited  
December 2020 Pasteboard Prison  
January 2021 Poker Player's Surprise  
February 2021 Dirty Dog Transpo  
February 2021 Ed Hass Write-Up  
March 2021 Posole Homing Card  
April 2021 Rojas y Negras (Tony Cachadiņa)  
May 2021 One-Eyed Palms (Andru Luvisi)  
June 2021 Numerical Analysis  
July 2021 Cut and Run PDF  
August 2021 Double Stop Revisited Revisited  
November 2021 T&T  
December 2021 Pop Out Surprise  
March 2022 Sonny Performs Bodo/Wolfgang  
  Constructing Bodo  
  24x36 QH for Printing  
August 2022 Cliffhanger  
February 2023 E-Z Open Prediction  
March 2023 Helpers Find the Aces  
May 2023 The Betting Game  
May 2023 The Betting Game alt  
July 2023 Jazz Jacks  
August 2023 Color Ambitious  
Bonus Two Stage Daley
Open Prediction 999 Download PDF