THE MOVES area contains videos and other information useful for learning the basic moves of card magic. It is available for purchasers of  TESSERACT. The password can be found in the READ THIS FIRST section in the INTRODUCTION. It's also available to IBM members. Password is in The Linking Ring.


All-Around Square-Up Peek Anon  
Ambitious Prologue Ed Marlo  
Ascanio Spread

Arturo Ascanio


Marlo's ATFUS Marlo


Biddle Grip Elmer Biddle


"Biddling" Cards Elmer Biddle


Biddle Steal Elmer Biddle  
Biddle Switch Elmer Biddle  
The Bluff Pass Montague/Tucker  
The BoTop Change Ed Marlo  
The Braue Add-On Frederick Braue  
The Braue Reversal Frederick Braue  
The Breather Crimp Anon  
The Bubble Peek Anon  
Buckle & Buckle Count Unknown  
Business Card Prophesy Move Bill Simon


Charlier Cut Charlier  
Christ-Annemann Alignment Move Henry Christ/Ted Annemann  
Christ Twist Henry Christ  
Convincing Control Ed Marlo  
Criss Cross Force Max Holden  
Cut Deeper Force Ed Balducci  
The Dingle NoLap Switch Complete Works of Derek Dingle  p. 85  
Double Lift Marlo's HIT Double Lift  
Double Undercut anon  
The Downs Change T. Nelson Downs  
Elias Multiple Shift Neal Elias  
Elmsley Count Alex Elmsley


The Erdnase Bottom Palm S. W. Erdnase  
The Erdnase Change S. W. Erdnase  
Finessed Center Switch Maurin/Powers  
The Flustration Count Norman Houghton


Frank Shields 4 Card Display Frank Shields  
FUFU Marlo  
Glide Variation Marlo  
The Glide/Glide Position anon  
Half Pass anon  
Hamman Count Brother John Hamman  
Hindu Shuffle & Force anon  
The Hockley Move Marlo


Hofzinser Cull J.N. Hofzinser


Hofzinser Toss J.N. Hofzinser  
Holding A Break anon


Jay Ose False Cut Jay Ose  
Jinx Switch variation R.P. Wilson DVD #3 Extreme Possibilities


The Jordan Count Charles Jordan


Kelly Bottom Placement Kelly/Ovette  
The K.M. Move Marlo


Marlo Cull Marlo

Mexican Turnover Variant anon


The Misdirection Palm Powers variation of Marlo  
Multiple Count Change J.K. Hartman  
Necktie Second Deal anon


The OLRAM Subtlety Marlo


The Pop-Up Move Harvey Rosenthal  
Quine's Keeper Harry Lorayne's "My Second Keeper"  
Riffle Force anon  
Rub A Dub Vanish Charlie Miller  
Shapeshifter/Pirouette Change DeSouza/Munoz  
Secret Double (Powers) Mike Powers  
Secret Double (Marlo) Edward Marlo  
Slip Cut anon


Standard Loading Move anon  
Swing (kick) Cut anon


Tent Vanish Arthur Finley  
Three-Card Catch Reinhard Muller  
Through The Fist Flourish Vernon  
TILT Vernon/Marlo  
Top Card Cover Pass    
Top Change anon  
The TP Change/Vanish Mike Powers  
Undercut (Triple/Double) anon


Vernon Multiple Shift Dai Vernon  
Vernon Strip Out Addition Dai Vernon  
Vernon Transfer Move anon  
Vernon Utility Move Dai Vernon  
Wiley Turnover Robert Walker  
Zarrow Block Addition Herb Zarrow  
Ammar's Spellbound Michael Ammar  
Click Pass
Dingle/Schneider Pickup Derek Dingle/Al Schneider  
Gallo Pitch Lou Gallo  
Goshman Pinch Albert Goshman  
Schneider Spellbound Al Schneider  

magic magician La Porte LaPorte


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