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(items in italics are sleights described within the routine)

Card Effects

Quick Four Way
The Nightmare Card
Rub Away Vanish
Flushing Out the Queens
The AT&T Trick
Squeezing the Jacks

Marlo’s Broken Elmsley
Whether Forecast
Incredible Coincidence

Semi-Circular Switch
Merlin’s Answer
CARDial Infraction
Unexpected Visitor
Marlo’s Glide Variation
Misplace Your Bets
Swivelleroo Plus
Long Distance Double

Secret Interlace
King T.U.T.
More Miracle Changes
Varying Variance Variant
Instant Replay
Photo Surrealism
The Fly
Blowing Away the Aces
Drop Cover Pass
Industrial Strength Aces
Randy Revelation
Incomplete Four Way
Incomplete Faro Location
Simon Business Card Move
Unexpected Development
Tornado Card
A CASE of Indigestion
The Invisible Aces
The Impossible Travelers

Unlimited Count
Phantom of The OPERAtion
Marlo’s Visual Retention Change
Rising Mistake
Schrodinger’s Dream

Slow Motion Top Change
Marlo’s Misdirection Palm
The Trap Door Card
No Palm Corner in the Glass
Mexican Assembly

Coin Effects

The Alchemists’ Dream
Ammar’s Spellbound Change
China Syndrome
Twisted Reverse Matrix
Ultra Fast Coins Across
Jumbo Finale
Twilight Zone
International Matrix Reverse

At the Table

My Cup Runneth Over
Toothpick Into Straw

Striking Vanish
Jelly Roll


Palmless Card to Pocket
Christ-Annemann Alignment Move
Secret Double


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