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Convention Review

Photo Set 2

Inventor/magician/genius Jerry Andrus teaches some of his pet effects during the night before party. What a total blast!

(L) Jerry performing his ball and tube routine. (R) Kenn Capman peforms a magician fooling mental item involving the serial number on a bill.

(L) Is that the correct serial number? YES! (R) Close up WORKER Ron Jaxon about to be arrested for killing with magic.

(L) Ron having fun with attendees (R) Thomas Kracker ties impossible knots.

(L) Allan performing his much requested KILLER Cannibal Cards routine. (R) Allan was first up on the close up Show Saturday.

Allan killing with cards. He is a true expert.

(L) Kae and Tony MC the close up show. (R) Master mind blower Garrett Thomas solving Rubik's Cube in 5 seconds! Almost like magic.

Garrett's attention to the theatrical component of performance makes his magic exceptional.

The M.C.'s having fun.

Chuck King is a real worker. We could see why he is a headliner at comedy clubs. Great magic and hilarious presentation.

Steve Bargatze has got to be one of the funniest guys in magic. I never tire of seeing him. It's always different.

(L) Bargatze about the shocktecute two unsuspecting helpers. (R) Garrett getting the audience ready to be amazed.

(L) Twins enjoy seeing great magic close up. (R) Master M.C. Gene Anderson pumps up the crowd.

(L) HELLO becomes O HELL (R) Stage contest winner Thomas Kracker performs his winning act on the evening show.

(L) Thomas finishing up his show. (R) Jerry Andrus performing his unique brand of magic on the evening show.

Convention Review

Photo Set 2