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(L) That's perfect! (R) Patrick's very cool linking ring routine

Marv Long always comes up with something very unusual. This year was no exception. No rubber ducks. Just a frog!

(L) Whit explains the intricacies of his Chicago Surprise. GREAT routine with some excellent insights into magical psychology. (R) Brandon Burton is a believer.

(L) There's just one more thing. (R) The glass is not part of the routine. Or is it??

(L) Harriet Whit and Vicki share a magical moment. (R) Rick Merrill and friends explore the possibilities with a deck of cards.

(L) Tony Miller gets a chuckle from Dan Burton (R) Whit entertains Darren and Janice Watkins.

(L) John Luka kicks off the show (R) IBM and SAM winner, Rick Merrill kicks some butt with mind bending magic. Where do those coins come from??

He can't be using his sleeves. His coat is off??? What the?????

(L) Whit shows the famous Mongolian Pop Knot (R) Whit searches for the secret opening in the ring as Sherry patiently waits. "I know it's here someplace."

(L) "Aha.. there it is.. let us continue..." (R) Kosta can read minds too.

(L) Close-up wild man, Dan Fishman, gives Kostya a hand. (R) This IOU for $100 can be redeemed any time after 2009.

(L) Kostya tests Dan's eyesight. (R) Is THIS your license number Dan!! What the???

Dan is unimpressed until his actual license plate is produced. Outside the police were towing Dan's car... no plates...

(L) Kostya shares a funny moment. (R) Mark get's eye contact as he performs a one handed diagonal palm shift out of view.

Jim Williams makes a "free" selection. Marks "attitude force" is killer. You'll learn it at his lecture.

(L) Mark continues the routine (R) Doc again hears a noise out there. What can it be?

(L) Doc's work on the Zarrow shuffle. You can't see it at all. (R) John Luka and Tim Miller study the technique.

(L) Doc falls for the old "pull my finger" gag to the delight of everyone. (R) Apparently a PENetration.

Doc finishes with his take on Steve Spill's (I think?) bill in Lemon routine. Hilarious!!