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(L) Marshall Cyrlin studies up while Marv Long catches some zzzzzs... (R) Convention organizer, John Luka gets the ball rolling.

(L) M.C. Gordon Miller calls the meeting to order (R) crowd shot

(L) IBM winner Pattrick Przysiecki is a part time geography teacher. (R) Professional spectator Harriet Jacobson has been paid to be a stooge.

(L) Pattrick caught stealing the pea. (R) Doc Eason is surprised by a strange noise.

(L) Sherry Luka receiving instructions from Doc. "Look deep into my eyes.. You are getting sleepy....."

(L) Card expert Kostya Kimlat takes a short nap while waiting for the spectator to say "stop." (R) Kostya is back on the job.

(L) "No! Not that one.. this one..." (R) Mark Mason receives assistance from Rodney Palmer.

(L) Mark is making sure that Rodney understands the instructions (R) Yes! That card.

(L) Whit Haydn impresses Sherry with his selection procedure. (R) Wow! The incredible self rolling sleeve trick.

(L) Don't forget this card, Sherry. (R) Checking out the floor show.

(L) John Sturk and Isaiah (spelling?) show their appreciation (R) Kostya assisted by Vicki Scott.

(L) It appears that salt is pouring from the upper half?? (R) Take any card. Especially that one.

(L) Arnold Daien begins his routine. (R) Adam Ratica, the mad scientist, explains the intricacies of the periodic table of the elements.

(L) Adam demonstrates the construction of a Molotov cocktail. (R) crowd shot.

(L) John West looks on (R) Adam quieting a rowdy group of onlookers.

(L) The big payoff. (R) The conclusion to Adam's routine. Very cool!

George Tait, master of the elements, begins his routine.