The 52 Convention Oct. 2004

Ernest Earick, Chuck Smith and John Rogers

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First set of pictures

(L) Sukuma finds the card he is searching for (R) Derek gives someone a choice - sure.

(L) Raymond Dionne wows the crowd with an assembly.  (R) John is back. This time with a ring and rope.

Tony Econ enlists Sukuma's help.

Gazzo is at it again.

(L) Chuck Smith begins his excellent lecture (R) Ernest and Ron look on.

Pick a card... any card....

(L) More card items  (R) The old shell game.

(L) Interested attendees (R) Chuck shows his "endless chain" routine.

(L) Gazzo and Malone agree to a duel at dawn. (R) Gazzo entertains an appreciative crowd with a rope routine.

(L) some of the appreciative crowd

(L) Gazzo finds the lady's card by finding her fingerprint! (R and below) sessions begin.

First set of pictures