THE 52 Convention Oct. 2004

Ernest Earick, Chuck Smith and John Rogers

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Second Set of Pictures

(L) John Rogers gave the first lecture. Excellent stuff! (R) Yipes! Tom Beck's tatoo.

(L) Crowd shot (R) John doing his famous ball routine.

(L) It's hard to believe the cigars aren't real! (R) Interested attendees.

(L) John showed a real variety of items. Here he is performing his rope routine (R) Yipes!

(L) Chuck Smith introduces his good friend Ernest Earick (on right)

(L) Convention organizers Dan Block (left) and Randy DiMarco (right) (R) Ernest surprises everyone by beginning with a coin item.

(L) Steady hands! (R) Now we're getting into the real work.

(L) Herb and Ron are impressed (R) The work gets "heavier."

(L) Nick and Larry admire a true expert. (R) Lightening up a bit.

(L) Mike Hilberger (R) Bruce Fricker

(L) Vic Trabucco checks his holdout (R) Getting really hard core now.

(L) "I swear it's not as hard as it looks." (R) Gazzo warms up the crowd for the show.

(L) What's Gazzo going to do?? (R) Keith Randolph performs a very cool cup and ball routine.

(L) Keith  assisted by Ron Wohl. (R) Eric Dockery busts a move.

(L) Eric sneaks a peek (R) Sukuma Avery shows his juggling skills. His card skills are excellent too.

Second Set of Pictures