Monte Routine for Plastic Lady

In keeping with the tradition established with Holey Terror II and PM Principle, I am enclosing a “bonus sheet.” Enclosing an extra sheet like this allows me to pass on new ideas for Plastic Lady. The stretching/shrinking phase is the essence of Plastic Lady and is described and illustrated in great detail in the instruction booklet. I have found that performing a Three Card Monte routine prior to the stretching/shrink ing increases the entertainment value of the effect and also allows for a logical and imperceptible switch to the gaffed card needed to make the lady “plastic.” In the instruction booklet the reader is told to perform his/her favorite Monte routine. I did describe a short and simple routine for the reader who is not familiar with Three Card Monte. I have my own Monte sequence that I always perform with Plastic Lady and many people have asked me for the details - thus the bonus sheet. Please read the other manuscript first and learn the details of the stretching/shrinking phase.

NOTE: We have been unable to obtain quantities of face cards for use in Plastic Lady. Some sets now contain aces, deuces or jokers as the key card. I have found that the effect is not weakened in the slightest by the use of these alternative cards. Each of the alternative cards has a special quality that makes it logical as the Monte Card e.g. “deuces are wild” etc.

Extended Monte Routine: The first part of this routine is largely taken from Darwin Ortiz’ Monte routine from Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table (published by R. Kaufman).

(1) Phase 1: Assume the three cards to be the QS, 9H, 9H. Place the QS between the two 9’s and bring the cards out face down. Say, “This is a little trick with three cards. Two are the same.” Here you double turnover showing a QS. Double turnover again the take the top card (9H) in your right hand face down. Now use the card in the right hand to flip the 2nd card over. A QS shows again. Say, “Two of the cards are black queens.” Flip the queen face down and take it under the card in your right hand. Now say, “One card is different. It’s the money card.” Show the card remaining in your left hand - 9H.

(2) Square up the two cards in the right hand and flash the bottom card (QS). Your thumb should be on top, fingers beneath. Your right hand turns palm up which positions the cards face down. Drop the left hand’s card on the pad. Now the right hand takes its cards to the left side of the pad, allowing them to nearly touch the pad. The left 1st finger presses on the top card keeping it in place while the right hand pulls the bottom card (QS) to the right and then flashes it again. The spectators should believe that both cards are QS’s. The right hand deposits its card face down on the right side as you say, “The two queens go here.” This positions a 9H on the left side, a QS on the right side and the last 9H still laying where the left hand placed it previously. Pick up the remaining 9H and show its face. Say, “Here’s the money card. Try to keep an eye on it.” Place this 9 face down in the middle. Now slide the three cards around a bit but keep track of the position of the 9H that begins on the left side. The spectators are watching the 9H in the middle. After repositioning the three cards ask “Where’s the 9?” The spectators will point to the 9 they have been watching. Say “Here? No it’s here.” As you speak these words, flip over the 9 which originally started on the left side. This will come as a great shock to the spectators. Now flip the QS face up and then face down. If you know the move, perform a Mexican Turnover with the remaining 9 showing it to be the “other” queen. You could also use the OLRAM Subtlety etc. to show both other cards to be QS’s.

(3) Phase 2: Pick up the three cards face down, covertly placing the QS in the middle. Perform a double turnover showing a QS and say “You may have been confused by the two queens.” As before, flip the double face down, take the top card (9H) face down in the right hand and use it to flip the 2nd card (QS) face up. Leave the QS face up and drop it on the pad. Say “Maybe the queen should be the money card. I’ll turn this queen into a nine.” Suiting action to words, flip the remaining card in the left hand (9H) face up and rub the right hand’s face down card on it. Flip the top card face up showing another nine. Drop the two nines face up on the pad and pause for a couple of beats to let the effect sink in.

(4) Phase 3: Place the QS face up between the two face up 9’s. Use the move described in appendix A of the Plastic Lady manuscript to switch a 9 for the Queen in the process of turning the cards over. Play Monte again this time asking the spectators to follow the queen. They will lose again because of the subtle switch. Hold the three cards face down with the queen in the middle. Say, “I really want you to win. Let’s try something easy. I’ll place the queen in my pocket.” Perform a double turnover showing the QS. Double turnover again and take the top card (9H) face down in the right hand. Place it into your shirt pocket (without flashing its face). Supposedly you have placed the queen in your pocket. Take the remaining two cards face down in your right hand. Use the subtlety described in paragraph 2 above to show two 9H’s remaining in your right hand as you place them on opposite sides of the pad face down. Move the two cards around but keep track of the location of the queen. Now say “This time the red nines are both money cards. Push one over toward me.” If the card is the queen, turn it over and say “Looks like this isn’t your lucky day.” If the remaining card is the queen, point at it and say “Turn over your card.” When the queen comes into view say “This isn’t your lucky day.” Thus the “magicians choice” is used to force the queen on the spectator. (I used to do the bent corner bit here but Mark Yeager pointed out that the bent corner widens the separation in the double card at the end. He’s right.) (

5) This is the moment at which the switch will be made to the gaffed card needed for the stretching/shrinking phase. This card will have been previously placed into your pocket as described in the manuscript. Remove the gaffed 9H at this point and conclude as described in the Plastic Lady manuscript. This switch blows by magicians too. It appears to be part of the Monte routine.