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(items in italics are sleights described within the routine)

Impromptu Card Mysteries
Open Travelers Transpo Redux
Tent Vanish
Impossible Collectors

Kelly Bottom Placement
ITH Triumph
The Goodwin/Jennings Display
Red Rover
Veeser Concept
Ace To Face
The Herrmann Turnover Pass
Expert Cards to Pocket
Marlo’s Misdirection Palm
Erdnase Bottom Palm

Mercury Fold
Sawing A Lady
Maxi Switch
Marlo’s Scoop Addition
Open Prediction 999
Psychic Birthday Predictor
Impromptu Terror
Christ-Annemann Alignment Move
Natural Poker Power
Twist on Simon (Jay/Powers/Givens)
The amBIGuous Card
Necktie Second Deal
Best of All Worlds
Hoochie Coochie Aces
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
The Secret Double
Reverse Faro Coincidence

Mathematical Mysteries
PM Plus
Punch Work
Punch Drunk
Punch for Two
Numerical Analysis

Hide and Seek
Heisting Histed Heisted
Sunken Treasure

The Breather Crimp
Code 5
Clocking Mod 13
The 7 Card 21 Card Trick
Gene Finnell’s Free Cut Principle
Steinmeyer’s 9 Card Problem with 7 Cards

Total Freedom
The Hummer Parity Principle
Cut and Run

Prepared Card Mysteries
The Braue Reversal
Back to Back
The Riffle Force
The Mystery Card
The Hamman Count
Red Shift
The Hindu Shuffle
The Paintbrush Change

Subtle Princess
Dingle’s Nolap Switch
Invisible Triumph
Double Decker Sandwich
Finders Keepers
The Money Game

Coin Mysteries
Flipped Out (Jaxon/Gerard/Powers)
Ten to One
Matrix Reverse Surprise
Expanding Expenditure
Twice Told Tales
The Kaps Subtlety
The Palm Change

Pushing "Two Quarters" (John West)
The Click Pass
Goshman Pinch

Progressive Matrix
Captain Hook
Ramsay Subtlety
Minimalist Matrix
More Flippin’ Out Ramsay

Miscellaneous Mysteries
Double Your Money
The Bill Switch
Ring Transpo
Routined Rubber
Paper View

Science Friction

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