Significant Work: Close-Up performer at the Magic Castle (Hollywood CA). Television appearance on the Meerka Show (Buenos Aires 1995). Performance with British rock group Savoy Brown. House Magician: Tippecanoe Place, Ice House Restaurant, The SPA, Roskoe's, Billy Jacks.

  • Affiliations: Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians (Featured on cover of MUM Inventors Issue 3/94. Featured on cover of The Linking Ring April 2015.

  • Contests: Two time winner Chicago’s TOP HAT Magic Festival, winner Michigan Magic Days. 

  • Author: Powerful Magic (1983), Top Secret Stuff (1991), Power Plays (2006). MARKETED ITEMS - Diminishing Returns, Quarter Fusion, Holey Terror I and II, Impromptu Terror, International Reverse Matrix, Ultimate Color Changing Card Case, Plastic Lady, JAZZ Fusion,The PM Principle, Swinger, 50% Transpo, PhotoSurrealism, The Impossible Travellers, Visual Impossible Penetration (VIP), Flicker. Effects have appeared in Apocalypse, The Minataur, MAGIC Magazine, Channel 1, Onyx, M.U.M. and Paul Harris’ A Close-Up Kinda Guy. 

  • Video: Mike Powers’ TOP SECRET VIDEO (1992) Produced by Emmy award winning television director Bryan Cottingham and magician Jim Surprise. 

  • Convention Work: Society of American Magicians National Convention (1983), Abbott’s Get Together (1989, 1994), Abbotts Close-Up Convention (1983, 1993), Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic (Buffalo NY), Atlanta Harvest of Magic (twice), Midwest Magic Jubilee (St. Louis 1995, 2003), Tannen’s Jubilee, NYCAN, Wizard’s Weekend (Minneapolis 1995, 1996), Milwaukee Conclave, Motor City Close Up Conference, Magi Fest (Columbus), Winter Carnival of Magic (Gatlinburg), International Brotherhood of Magician's National Convention. 

  • Lecture Experience: Abbott’s Close-Up Convention, Atlanta Harvest of Magic, Hollywood Day of Magic, Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolick (FFFF), NYCAN, Wizard's Weekend (Minneapolis), MagiFest, Winter Carnival of Magic (Gatlinburg), Tannen's Jubilee, Midwest Magic Jubilee (St. Louis), dozens of magic clubs around the world.

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