Power Plays contains 60 items using cards, coins, rubber bands, paper money, drinking straws, rings and mentalism. There are 232 8.5x11 pages in this hardback book.

Most of the items are for close up, but some items are suitable for platform and stage.

Power Plays was voted BOOK OF THE YEAR in 2006 on the Magic Cafe and was runner up in the Magic Industry Awards. The book has been out of print for over 10 years and is now available as a PDF download.

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Eye Poppers is my most recent set of notes. There are 10 solid close-up routines. Most are card items but there are two fun "games" to play with your spectators. "$185 For Your Thoughts" is a self working "game" in which the spectator apparently has many chances to win your money by making choices. In the end, the spectator merely gets his dollar back, as the final prediction states. This can be played close-up or from platform. Items include:

Blind Willie Aces, Virus, Double Decker Sandwich, Schrodinger's Dream Revisited, Wild One, Goin' Fishing, DG Poker Prediction, Breathalyzer, $185 For Your Thoughts, Bouncer.

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The PUNCHED OUT manuscript consists of three KILLER mental routines that are suitable for platform or close-up. None of the routines involve sleight of hand and yet the effect on the audience is devastating. PM Plus is the latest incarnation of my PM Principle. Here, two spectators make free selections and replace them while the magician's back is turned. Without looking, the magi deals cards face down in a pile, finally stopping. A new pile is begun and again the magi stops and places the remaining cards aside. Now, without ever looking at any cards, the magician announces the names of both selections and of course, the selections are found to be the stopped at cards. Punch Drunk is another self working item in which a completely free selection is found in an impossible way. My favorite finish involves receiving a call on your cell phone while the routine is in progress. The caller tells the spectator what card was selected even though the spectator was careful to be sure that no one could see the face or back of the selected card. All three items are Killer Mentalism at its best.

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This is my first set of notes from 1995. There are 14 items using cards, coins, bills, rubber bands, rings, ropes and a moving hole item using business cards. Items include: The PM Principle, Varying Variance Variant, Cased Thought, Ultra Fast Coins Across, International Matrix Reverse, Jelly Roll, Swinger, Business Card Terror, The Professor's Dream, Two Bandittos, The Inverted Bill.

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This set of notes was created for a lecture at Wizard's Weekend in 1996. There are 9 close-up items using cards, coins, rubber bands, pens, and business cards. Items includue: Impossible Collectors, I.T.H. Triumph, Open Prediction 999, Pen Transpo, Warp 9, The Alchemists' Dream, Routined Rubber.

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From the Professional Video Magic Series, this video was shot in a studio in Nashville TN. It was directed by Emmy Award winner Bryan Cottingham and supervised by magician Jim Surprise. This 90 minute tape contains nine items using cards, coins, bills, rings and strings and even a jelly container. Items include: Gary Oulette's Three Second Wonder, The Invisible Aces, Squeezing the Queens, International Matrix Reverse, Ultra Fast Coins Across, Swinger, Double Your Money, Business Card Terror, and Jelly Roll.

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