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(L) John West performed some killer stuff which was very technically demanding. Excellent!!!

Eugene's lecture was fabulous. He did teach a few tricks but the real value was his discussion on how to build an act. Hearing Eugene's lecture makes you want to be a better magician. What could be more valuable than that.

(L) Tim Miller shows off his hand made tables. (R) Carlos Blades was there representing "The Magic Shop" from Garden City MI.

(L) John Rogers' wooden cigars and cigarettes. These are awesome! (R) Maria tokes up as John Ross checks things out..

(L) More cigars starring John Rogers and Jon Ross. (R) Hank Morehouse poses.

(L) At least one person thinks that joke was funny. (R) Yes it is this big.

(L) "If you don't like it, you can just sit down mister!" (R) Gordon performing his Napoleon imitation.

(L) "Say ahhhhhh...."  (R) David charms Christine Musto.

(L) Eugene performing his new levitation. Look out David Blaine. (R) A very cool routine with tombstones. More spooky stuff from Eugene Burger.

(L) Harriet Jacobson - well known to Abbott's goers and Doug MacGeorge take a close look. Would this stuff work without the spirits?? (R) Eugene ends his set with his fabulous Gypsy Thread routine. What could be a heavier theme than the creation of the universe?

Bob Sheets smoked me bad with the Cube-A-Libra. I am still baffled.

One of Bob's trademark routines is his hilarious (and baffling) blindfolded card stab. Here he is just getting started.

Notice on the right that the deck is now blue. Technical difficulties forced Bob to start over. It was great to see how a real pro deals with adversity. Bob ended up succeeding to thunderous applause.