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What a variety pack! Cards, coins, egg bags.. you name it this guy does it. Fabulous lecture to get the convention rolling.

(L) Hocus pocus dominocus - out evil spirits! (R) Marc DeSouza helps Pat create another miracle.


Another lecture variety pack. Rey is noted for his Cap in Bottle which was popularized by Daryl. (R) Boris Wild helps Rey with his Laser trick.

(L) Boris wears special glasses to protect his eyes from the laser beam. Rey had some very clever gimicks and great ideas. Another great lecture.


Jean-Jacques was a 1979 FISM winner in cards and we got to see why. Cannibal Cards proved that "you are what you eat." JJ also performed an excellent Open Travelers, ending with a royal flush. He tipped a very cool gimmick which allows you to find out what a spectator has written. There was also an excellent Triumph routine ending with the deck in full deck order. Way cool!


Guest of honor Meir Yedid also performed a variety of routines starting with a five bill repeat (right) which ended with a giant bill.

Meir's favorite is cards and he taught many very cool and cleverly constructed routines. Standouts were an in the hands Triumph, a fake faro, the use of 6's as 9's in a spread and a very cool transposition with a signed card in the pocket. Meir ended with Cardinal Card, one of his marketed items. It's basically a wild card with both faces and backs! Another great lecture.

Meir still cranking it out.


Pavel's lecture took a different turn. It was more about creative thinking than about tricks. He took a premise and showed the evolution of his thinking - each solution more clever than the previous.

(L) Pavel presents a puzzle to illustrate lateral thinking. He used a color ring routine to illustrate how principles/methods can lead to an effect. It was a very informative and interesting lecture.


Tony Econ was more interested in the pictures on the Bikini cards than in the trick. The Bikini card trick is basically a prediction item.

Boris also taught "Chain Reaction", a two deck item as well as a DVD effect which was another prediction trick. Cool lecture.


Wild man David Stone is noted for his coin work. He also taught his excellent cigarette routine and some cool card stuff.

Bottle productions are popular these days and David markets a nice item which allows you to carry the bottle with out busting your gut. This was the last of an excellent series of lectures. If there was a common strand running through the lectures, it was VARIETY. It's difficult not to become overwhelmed by the volume of things to remember!

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