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(L) Mr. Wizardcraft, Craig Dickson smiles for the cam. (R) Joe Mogar in the middle of a demo.

(L) Tony Gerard, Peter Tappan and Maria. (R) Bill Malone smiles for the cam.

(L) Oscar Munoz caught in the middle of a classic pass. (R) Harrison Carrol hugs the Canadians.

(L) David Stone eyeing a spectator (R) Mike Powers and Tim Trono pose.

(L) Garrett mystifying the magi  (R) Dave Williamson taking notes.

(L) Canadians Steve Duperre and Denis St. Jean pose (R) The disappearing chicken wing trick exposed.

Candid and posed.

(L) Ryan "I'm sure the money card is here" Swigert losing his last $5.00 to Michael Vincent. (R) Cellini and Roland Meister ingesting some nicotine between shows.

(L) Don England, Dave Solomon and Tony Econ (R) Rachel Wilde and Tom Jones showing off their tans.

(L) Henry Evans poses (R) Obie gets to put his arm around Rachel.

(L) Cigar maker John Rogers shows his wares. (R) David Stone poses with Tom Frame.

(L) Rocco supports a sleeping Pavel. (R) The boys from Muncie - John, Dan and John.

(L) Mike Stratman and Don England (R) Marc DeSouza and Steve Duperre.

(L) Don England, Tom Frame, John Luka and Mike Powers (R) Tom Frame seems happy.

Brian Ochab never saw it coming. POW!

Oscar and Trixie.

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