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(L) Steve Dobson shows Dan and Maria a trick (R) Garrett Thomas wows some lay people.

(L) Yes that is black fingernail polish. (R) Obie gets the crowd settled down.

The "head forker" himself.

(L) Maria Schwieter was the brains behind the sound this year. (R) Roger enjoys some liquid refreshment.

(L) Don England and Maria Schwieter  (R) Garrett zings the magicians.

Tony Econ demos his riffle shuffle stacking for Dave Solomon.

(L) Garrett shows Oscar how to apply nail polish. (R) Tony Gerard, the lighting man, socializes with Pat Page and Peter Tappan.

Pat, Obie and Ali.

The RCMP were represented this year.

(R) A thoughtful John Carney

(L) The dealer room. (R) Take a close look at the Billy McComb poster.

(L) Don't ask. (R) A rare moment when I wasn't taking a photo.

Phil Wilmarth enjoying the show.

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