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(L) Pat Page (who will be next year's guest of honor) warms up the crowd with a joke (R) Marv Leventhal gives Meir a very nice plaque.

Each year Marv creates a button (see lapel) honoring the special guest. He mounts one of the buttons in a nice plaque.

More honor for Meir.

Meir was first up and performed a very visual card routine. Of course he vanished a couple of fingers as well.

Frederic Shark demonstrated the magic in his portable cocktail set.

Eric DeCamps always has excellent presentations and he gave us a sneak preview of his latest creation using Dean's Box. Roger Klause was once again responsible for a small slip up.

David Stone (who was this year's MVP) did some very visual coin work. He also took a trip to the 4th dimension and we got to see him on video as he survived in tough conditions.

IBM Gold Cups winner Oscar Munoz strikes the pose.

Oscar gets ready to perform his elegant billiard ball routine.

Master magician John Carney opened with his version of Zone Zero. (R) John performs a very cool coins to hat routine.

They're getting smaller, smaller, smaller....

Master of nature and D'Lite mogul, Rocco produced an unbelievable variety of items including pretzels, a golf ball which turned into a marshmallow, ice, flags and more...

Nicholas Einhorn produced a bottle of wine which later was seen to contain a signed card! (R) Nicholas levitating.

Crazy man Bob Sheets is driving me nuts with Cuba Libra. I've seen him perform this several times and it just looks impossible...

Last year's MVP, Henry Evans performed some unusual items including a selection which ends up threaded on the rope (L).

Michael Robinson and his buddy who repeatedly threatened Obie. "I'll kick your ass... my foot.. your ass... boom..." Michael was not only hilarious but performed some extremely difficult vent bits. He received a well deserved standing ovation from an appreciative crowd. GREAT WORK Michael!!

(L) French street magician Bebel is a favorite. He performs highly technically demanding routines effortlessly. Bebel performed a very nice aces to pockets routine. (R) David Williamson's watch jumped from his right arm (above) to his left arm (below) baffling everyone.

It was widely believed that these arms belonged to someone else.

It's impossible to describe just how funny this bit was. John Carney was the man behind the scenes doing his Max Maven imitation. Even Williamson had tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

Max really came to life at the end, growing horns and shooting some sort of substance from his mouth. It was a wild finish to an excellent show. (R) Steve Beam concluded the show with a roast of anyone who was roastable.

Nothing was sacred here.

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