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(L) Obie introduces the M.C. of the show, Phil Wilmarth (R)

(L) Phil explains that there will now be a 10 minute time limit. He was serious, too. He called out "One minute left" several times. (R) Tyler Erickson performed a very nice one coin routine for John Mintz and Roy Cottee. The sneaky cam caught him hiding the coin in his armpit.

(L) Philip Young may be the first to produce a hat from a bunny. (R) Allan Nackan impresses Meir with a card trick. He also performed a nice business card monte routine.

(L) Garrett Thomas controls his angles (using John Mintz and Ali Bongo) for cover before performing his incredible jumping ring routine. (R) Garrett also did a nice version of the instant Rubick's Cube.

Rolando Santos displays one of his beautiful props. He obtained the help of Trixie Bond as he told the story of Handsome Jack and the Eye of Merlin.

Crazy Man Ryan Swigert has devised the world's strangest selection process. It's amazing what people will do when asked.

(L) Ryan enlists the help of Marc DeSouza. Marc had to listen to Nursery Rhymes! (R) Camile Ghastine dazzles Piet Forton with cards.

(L) Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.... (R) Phil Messina performs a four ace routine.

(L) Phil takes advantage of an opportunity to hold Trixie's hand. (R) Tony Eng really dazzled a spectator with a repeat card onto box routine. This was one of the standout performances.

(L) Jack Chancellor performs a nice moving hole effect. (R) Bookmeister Richard Hatch deftly performs a classic.

(L) Nicholas Anthony is ready to pounce. He performed a cool multiple selection routine. (R) Pablo Kusnetzoff performs one of the most talked about items. He purported to memorize a borrowed shuffled deck. Marc DeSouza called out a number and Pablo named the card that would be found there.... yipes.

Phil and Obie wrap up an excellent show.

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