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Brian Ochab had an unusual act where he does the voices of a number of cartoon characters. I only got two shots because I was called on to help.

(L) Brian enlists the help of Yogi Bear. (R) Ali Bongo gets ready to rock.

(L) Ali performed a very interesting effect where horizontal lines are freely drawn by the spectator. This changes which of the six possible boxes gets selected. All the big money boxes are eliminated, ending with Obie getting the "booby prize." (R) David Regal  (2002 Magic Castle Lecturer of the Year) performed an excellent prediction effect.

(L) We found out that Billy McComb (see photo in lower left) is related to David. (R) Jim Cellini shows why he is one of the kings of street magic.

Cellini performs the ultimate street effect viz. Cups and Balls. Outstanding routine.

(L) Cellini finishing the cups and balls (R) Jay Scott Berry performs his unique brand of magic to music (which BTW was one of his own compositions).

(L) Coins came into existence and vanished again.  (R) several colored bands became a rainbow.

Rey Ben performed his very strange "baby act."

(L) The finale. (R) Terry Lunceford performed a floating ring and did some nice cardwork.

Funny man Rich Marotta did some excellent card items.

Jean-Jacques Sanvert performed some cool card stuff, ending with the deck going blank. He also did a nice coin routine with the help of Piet Forton and Trixie Bond.

(L) Pavel showed some new rope items. (R) Richard Pinner did a cool prediction effect and a very clever three card Monte routine using coloring books. Cool idea.

(R) Michael Vincent performed an excellent card set which included and ace production, Dr. Daley's last trick, a Fechter item and the Conus Aces.

Boris Wild closed the show with more excellent card work.

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