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(L) M.C. Dan Garrett gets the crowd warmed up. (R) Patrick Drake performed a nice four coin production and a "painless" card trick.

Lance Pierce performed a highly scripted card effect with three selection. He went outside the script ("oh shit") when he lost control of the selections. Lance started over but problems ensued again. Only a Pro like Lance can get a standing ovation for a trick that doesn't work! Roger Klause, having been one of Lance's teachers, was singled out as the problem. This became the running gag of the convention as an unusually large number of routines "went south."

IBM President Bob Escher performed a nice "named card is in the wallet" trick. He was off by one, but when the back of the card was shown it said, "Off by one!" Cool.

Another past IBM president, Mike Stratman did a "Sidewalk Shuffle" routine. When trouble ensued, Roger was blamed again...

Trixie Bond, one of the close-up regulars at Magic Island in Houson enlisted Howie's help in a nice ring and rope routine.

Nick Sacco performed a very nice "observation test" with lots of changes.

Duane Laflin performed a silk routine (surprise!) and a very cool linking rope effect (right).

Etienne Lorenceau did a nice paper to money effect and an Okito box routine.

Jason Juliano performed a very visual torn and restored card effect.

Frank Truong enlists the help of Trixie and Howie. The selected card ends up inside of a balloon doggie!

Michael Bairefoot kept his clothes on this year (by orders from the head forker). Michael produced the aces and found that a coin had appeared under each one.

IBM close-up constest finalists Mike Tallon and Doug Gorman closed the show with a synchronized cup and balls routine which garnered a standing ovation.

Here's the big finish.

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