Pat Page's Solid Through Solid Workshop

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Every year Pat Page hosts a workshop on a specific topic. The topic this year was "solid through solid." Pat (above) taught a very nice ring and rope move.

(L) Phil Wilmarth teaches a match penetration. (R) Coin man Dave Neighbors teaches an excellent coins through GLASS tabletop.

(L) Robert K. Miller shows a bill penetration and transpo. (R) Howie Schwarzman shows Obie a penetration using three plastic rings.

(L) Tom Craven shows perhaps the strangest solid through solid of the lot. (R) Tony Eng teaches the classic coins through table, a la Goshman. He also showed a pen PENetration.

(L) David Regal pattered about The Flash being able to do things quickly. He showed  a nice Jack Miller style holdout. Herb Zarrow and Jean-Jacques Sanvert enjoyed the show close up. (R) Peter Tappan does a rope penetration with Roy Cottee.

Ali Bongo teaches a method whereby a rope can be dipped into the bag and come up with a ring threaded on.

(Above) Bob Swadling performed my personal favorite of the lot. Two coins are placed on top of a handkerchief (held by Ace Greenberg and Bob Elliot). Then one of the coins is visibly pulled through the handkerchief. Diabolical!

(L) Bob Swadling also taught a nice coin box routine using magnetic coins. (R) Dave Williamson added some "touches" to Tom Cravens body penetration.

Dave enlisted the help of John Carney who evidently didn't know what he was getting into.

(L) So far so good. (R) John's head banged on the board several times as Dave pulled harder and harder.

Unfortunately, the rope jammed up. Back to the drawing board. (BTW - Carney's nose was not actually broken. It just needed to be reset.

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