1st Show - Thursday 3:30

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Steve Dobson is back, with a vengeance. Steve did some great stuff in the show and also knocked everyone out during informal sessions. Welcome back Steve!

Noted for his stage work, Greg Frewin showed that he can do close up too. Greg performed an excellent Matrix routine (R).

Mathieu Bich (above) had some very unusual and creative items which he sold in the dealer area. On left he's showing a card which has holes through which light is seen to form the name of a card. Then the name VISIBLY changes to another... yeow.

Camilo had a very interesting presentation for linking rings. They were like towel holders a kleptomaniac had "borrowed" from various hotels. Cool idea.

Steve Duperre enlists the help of Bill Malone and Obie as he finds 2 selections in a baffling way.

John Luka performed a squeaky clean assembly.

The head forker looks a few years into his past. Is that really Obie in the poster?

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