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The "Teach A Trick" session is a very valuable component of FFFF. Here, ten different people each teach a pet trick. Roger taught one of his favorite items. It was a small packet color separation from behind the back. The spectator shuffles 4 reds and 4 blacks. The magi puts the cards behind his back and then hands them back one at a time, calling out the color of the card each time. Nice item!

(L) Prof. REM teaches a Peter Kane item. He was kind enough to pass out sets of the cards required to EVERYONE! (R) Ray Cottee gets some help from Phil.

(L) Hank Moorehouse pulls a thread from a dollar bill. Nice idea using a thumbtip. (R) Karl Norman has Trixie help in a trick where the selection ends up on the card case. Great use of misdirection.

(L) Trixie Bond shows everyone her selection. (R) Marc DeSouza teaches a ring and string routine where the ring ends up in the card case. Nice!

(L) Craig Dickson has more applications for the corner short. (R) Tom Jones has some nice ideas on lapping during a coins through table routine.

(L) Howie Schwarzman teaches an Elmsley Count subtlety using sound. (R) Scott Wells showed a very interesting gaff which allowed a royal flush to turn into 5 jokers. Nice item!

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