The 2004 FFFF Convention was one of the finest I have ever attended. Obie pulled out the stops this year and invited some fantastic new talent. Most of the photos in the galleries below were taken by ace photographer Dale Farris. The shots in the Miscellaneous Show 1 and 2 folders were taken by me. Those in the Miscellaneous Informal group were taken by Maria. The miscellaneous show and informal shots are given without commentary. 

Dale sent me two CD's with well over 500 shots. My total was over 300. And Maria took nearly 200. That's 1000 photos! The narrowing down process was difficult since there were many excellent shots. Each shot is then run through a PhotoShop process to ultimately reduce the file size to about 10 K. This, of course, compromises the quality in favor of faster loading photos. As more people migrate to fast modems, it will be possible to compress less and maintain a higher quality.

I'm sure I have misspelled names and made factual mistakes. Feel free to email me at: with corrections. 

For those who attended this conventions, the photos will bring back memories of what a fine time it was. For those not in attendance, they will reveal why this is THE close up convention.

Mike Powers May 2004

When you see Dale Farris (below) next year, be sure to thank him for all his work as official photographer.

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[Teach A Trick]

[Thursday PM - Old Timers Show]

[Friday A.M. Pat Page Workshop]

[Friday 1:30 PM Show]

[Friday 3:30 Show]

[Friday Evening Show]

[Saturday Afternoon Show]

[Saturday Evening Show]

[Miscellaneous Show Shots 1]

[Miscellaneous Show Shots 2]

[Miscellaneous Informal Shots]

[Dale Farris Portrait shots]

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