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8:00 P.M. Barry Govan Lecture

The kick off event was Barry Govan's lecture Wednesday at 8 PM. Barry's fast paced style allowed him to show many of his original effects. Great start to a great convention.


Since the only event Wednesday was the Govan lecture, I decided to put all the

miscellaneous pictures here.

Barry Govan (left). Guest of honor, Bill Malone exchanging ideas with Dan Block.

Left - action in the Precursor suite. Right - Roger Klause shows Piet Forton his pet bunny rabbit.

Left -Karl Norman hitting on my wife, Maria. Right - Obie calls the meeting to order. Someone needs to steal that whistle.

Left - Jon Racherbaumer contemplates the mysteries of the universe. Right - Howie Schwartzman and Maria.

Left - Mike Hilberger shows the Fechter poster. Right - Randy DiMarco, Ray Mertz, Tim Trono and Kieth Walker all drinking lemonade (yea right).

Left -Paul Cummins' Nikon 800 photographs my Nikon 950.  Right - Malone sees something in the distance.

Dave Neighbors - could it be MATRIX!

Left - Tom Frame shows Marcelo Contento his favorite trick - 3 columns with 7 cards in each. Right - Tom Jones giving out the golf awards. I forgot who won?

Left - Maria and the local DJ. Right - Tom Frame getting framed.

Left - "What did you say, Maria?"  Right - "WOW!"

Left - Mike Gallo puts the moves on Maria. Right - Bill, Paul, Roger and Davide

Left - Kevin King trying to steal Maria away from Gaston. Right - Sorry Dan, I forgot to engage the red eye feature.

(left) John, Paul and Ringo. (Bannon, Cummins and Gallo) (Right) - Simon Aronson sees if he can keep track of the stack through a faro shuffle. John Bannon can't believe it's possible.

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