October 2002

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(L) Randy DiMarco gets things going. (R) Earl Nelson begins his excellent lecture.

(L) Taking a break. (R) Paul Cummins shows Gary Plants his one handed Marlo/Vernon shuttle transfer move.

(L) Socializing between events. (R) The lecture continues.

(L) Earl performing one of his trademark routines. (R) Jim Hyand warming up.

(L) Dave Wiedemer getting into high gear.  (R) Noel busting a move.

(L) Rich Kameda performing his famous four card Triumph.     (R) Wes James in defense of Cannibals - "They're just like us..."

(L) Wes putting the whammy on the cannibals. (R) Max about to float his card case.

(L) Paul Cummins caught reversing a card. (R) Aaron Shields finds that someone has stolen his deck.

(L) Ryan Swigert getting ready to "Kick Back."  (R) The strangest "force" ever invented. It's difficult to explain in a few words. Ryan taught it in his lecture.

(L) Getting in touch with their feminine side - "London Bridge is falling down..."   (R) I make tiki tiki..

Sessions are what make this convention so much fun.

(L) Waiting for the lecture to begin.  (R) Marc DeSouza getting Billy McDonnell fired up for his lecture.

I was not familiar with Billy McDonnell's work before this convention. WOW!! Billy repeatedly fried the group. Luckily he taught everything.

(L) Allen Drew returning stolen booty. (R) Mike Gallo picking Billy's fertile brain.

(L) Billy showing Nick Trost his invisible pass. (R) Ryan Swigert gave an excellent lecture. He's out on tour right now. See him if you can.

(L) Yes, it really is this big. (R) Mike Hilburger brings the group to order. Thank god he doesn't have a whistle.

(L) Mike caught performing a second deal. (R) Wes, hypnotizing everyone.

(L) Wes James finishing his routine  (R) Sean performed an excellent Okito box routine. Very cool!

(L) Canadian,   Derick Finn showing off his two card faro shuffle work.                       (R) Mark DeSouza levitating an Invisible Deck.

(L) Marc getting the "Die of Destiny" ready to roll. (R) Earl was called upon to conclude the Saturday night show. Great stuff!

(L) Earl returns for an encore Saturday Night with an excellent linking ring routine.       (R) Mike and Shaun striking the pose.

Left to right - Master of the Zarrow Shuffle Gary Plants, coin god Lou Gallo and convention organizer Dan Block.

© 2002 Mike Powers Magic